Q&A: What is the difference between a 4WD SUV and a 4×4?

Question by The Dude: What is the difference between a 4WD SUV and a 4x4?
Is there any difference? I called a rental car to rent a 4WD SUV and they said,"Do you mean a 4x4?" I thought they were the same thing.

Also, bonus points to someone who can tell me what the numbers signify. I know one of them tells you if it is a 2WD or 4WD, but what's the other number for?

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Answer by peanut
4x4 and 4wd are the same thing. they both mean that all 4 trires are moving. ever hear of 2wd or 2x4 that means that only 2 tires are doing the work. either the front 2 (front wheel drive) or the 2 back ones (rear wheel drive). front wheel drive means that the front two tires are pulling the car to move. rear wheel drive the back tires are pushing the car to move. so 4wd or 4x4 means all the tries are going to move the car. it is also possible to have a vehicle that does both, you can turn it to either 2x4 or 4x4. that is what my truck has, its called 4x4 on the fly. i drive the truck in 2x4 on the road and 4x4 off the road.

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